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are you looking dating a married women an afternoon slut (Burlington, 08016, NJ )
well im really good at it!!!!!!!! im off of kirkman!!!!!!!!

Once you've established how long she's married you can start to flirt. Don't come on too strong but the undertone of your flirting should make your intentions clear.

A Fantasy - 20yr (08016, NJ, Burlington County)
I dont know where we'll be....... A public place.......Or a private setting. But i do know what will happen there... We'll start by taking off all of our cloths....there we are, standing naked in the room. As you worship my body, im moving towards you. Forcing you to walk backwards until your forced onto the bed. There, i push you down......As you lay there, so vulnerable....i start to move my hands up your inner thighs. massaging you...Then i kiss the inner parts of your legs, still slowly massaging up your thighs. You quiver, and i watch your beautiful cock turn hard. Now your ready. I kiss all the way up to your big, smooth cock...With my warm hand, i grasp it, moving it slowly up and down as i begin to trace the tip of it with my lips...Then my mouth is enveloped with your cock....In and tongue massaging every inch of it, so smoothly.....I swallow. Again and again, i swallow. I here your heavy breathing, feel the covers pull underneath your body from your hands grasping them....But i dont stop, i wont stop. In and warm my mouth is, how goood my tongue feels moving all around your dick....Another quiver, then a moan......You cant help it, you cum....Ill have no choice but to swallow. Its okay, i dont mind ;) Now, your mine. I move my head slowly up your torso, kissing every part of your body. I stare into your eyes, with nothing but the feeling of accomplishment....But its not good enough. I move both my legs on each side of yours, and shove your hard, smooth cock inside my hot, wet pussy. Resting my hands on your hard chest, i began to move. Slowly.....up, then down......up....down......oh how good it feels to be inside me....up............down........ And there you lay, completely infatuated with my beautiful body. My soft breasts moving with every motion i make. My body glistening in the lights, so beautiful my every move as i ride soft, and effortlessly....You feel out of control from my desire. Something inside you clicks, and you realize that your not in control. The power i have over you is relentless.....What can you do? Almost to the point where the pleasure was to great, you move your hands on the sides of my legs and flip me over. Now, your in control Your turn. There i lay, startled by this action as you rest between my legs. Your face so close to mine, i can feel your hot breath even as it slows from the pleasure you almost couldnt resist. You lean your face close to mine. I shiver..... Slowly you move your hand to my face, tracing it from my eye to my lips....You soft lips press against mine.....So gently. You slide your tongue inside my mouth, massaging it with mine. How sweet i taste, you press harder. Long breaths gasp out as you pull back, as i still lay there breathless. With your left hand still wrapped married women looking for affairs my thigh, you then move your right one slowly down my body.....feeling my soft breast, and warm stomach. Still staring into my eyes, you grasp on to my legs, and pull yourself inside me. Slowly at first, but then fast.....harder.....I couldnt believe both the pain and pleasure i felt. I couldnt believe how much it hurt, how hard you were and out....faster and faster......I moaned, breathing harder and harder to ignore the pain, but i had to find and outlet I wrap my legs around your waist, hoping that would slow you down, but it didnt. Your to strong, to determined for pleasure at your own desire. I move my arms underneath yours and pull you onto me. Your body now laying against mine....your chest on mine.....your face buried in my neck.....My soft breast's rubbing against your body as you push yourself harder and harder inside me. The pain is still to mouthwatering, i had to do something. I dragged my hand down your back, my nails sliding down your skin as i squeezed. You moan, and push yourself harder inside me. The burning sensation from your back leads you to find an outlet for your pain also. I lay their, still grasping onto you, my legs still wrapped around your waist.......You turn your head into my warm neck, resting your face against it. First, you kiss. Then, you bite. I gasped at the sudden pain i felt in my neck, and squeezed harder. You bite harder.....I moan and let out hot breaths against your neck......breathing so heavly against the pleasurable pain i felt. There we are......our bodies pushed together........Your right hand on my breast,.. your left on my legs wrapped around your waist as it moves against my body............your hard cock inside arms around you, sliding down your back.....your mouth on my warm neck........... ........ Can you just Imagine..........................

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Keep up with me - 25yr (08016, Burlington, NJ)
I am here for a good time, not interested in anything serious for quite awhile. I am here looking for no strings attached good times. I do take really good care of myself physically and I do believe it shows. I want a man that is going to make me the envy of all my girlfriends. I am all excited at the prospect of meeting a hot guy from here. Get in touch married woman looking know you want to.

Please Do... - 27yr (Burlington, New Jersey )
Hello MATURE men... I am a 28 yo woman seeking married man fem looking for A mid/older WM to enjoy special times with. I am very tall mostly legs, very attactive,intellegent&easy to talk to as well as get along with..Ur wish is my command as long as you have my best interest at heart . I am well spoken, traveled ect, not looking for a "meal ticket" yet I love to dine well. If ur interested in meeting a true accomodating winner, contact me, & watch our relations develop...ttys

B oral$expert J caramel - 22yr (Burlington, 08016 , Burlington County)
Hey fellas Outcalls only If u want a hot wet b conversation j then hit me up today. 75$$$$$ I have pics Hot body,pretty face married woman dating great oral skills 75$$$$$$ Outcalls only, I can't host. only hit me up if ur serious about hooking tonight

Looking to be someones - 19yr (08016, Burlington, New Jersey)
Hey. Just a girl here going on her second year of college. I graduated from highschool in CA, and looking I guess to talk to someone about life, having fun, whatever. A relationship maybe? Definitely some very fun times in bed... I'm in shape, take care of my body and don't judge a person merely by their looks, age, race, etc. Not to brag but when me and a guy hang out we always have a great time haha. I'm also curious as to what it would be like to hang out with someone older, someone who is more independent and patient as well. married women dating service would like to do this, I've been feeling very curious about it for a while. There is a lot more to me, I don't want to write everything about me and my whole life story on this site haha. If you want to get to know me, let me know ;) I might wanna get to know you...

A married man derives happiness from the other woman and seeks solace from her especially when marital problems arise in his marriage.

sbbw, sexy, fun, looking for cool guy - 31yr (08016, Burlington, NJ, Burlington County)
looking for an attractive fun mature w4m to chat with and ultimately party and get a little kinky together

hi guys looking for you to put my strap - 22yr (Burlington, New Jersey )
blk woman full firgure brown eyes blk hair women looking for work for black or white males to have a good time with i like to spank your ass or make you dress up for me play with another man he is pettie to average build please want bisexual guys for clean fun